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Cutting-edge technologies

At the Alain Cyr Clinic, we constantly innovate to give you the best treatments possible. With pleasure and pride, we invest in ongoing training in order to remain at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, use our tools with the greatest care, and to optimize our procedures so that your dental experience will be exceptional. Indeed, on this page, you’ll find some of the technologies we use to facilitate dental treatments, promote healing, improve comfort and to better prevent certain diseases. Today, new technologies help us to give you the best service for your smile.

PRF technology

We’re happy to be able to provide our patients with cutting-edge technology…


Unfortunately, oral cancer is often detected at a very advanced stage…


Waterlase is the ideal laser used by multidisciplinary dentists…


Sterilization cannot be neglected in a dental office…

For your smile

Our philosophy

The Alain Cyr Clinic is a family-based dental clinic focusing on the well-being of its patients. This is why Dr. Cyr wants to surround himself with a team that shares his values.

The quality and expertise of the employees, equipment, training and the treatments offered make the Alain Cyr clinic the perfect place to get the best dental services.

Offering custom service to our patients, treating them as if they were a member of our own family, getting to know them and taking care of them – these are all part of our objective!

Dr Alain Cyr – Dentist – Devoted

Précis, méticuleux, perfectionniste et à l’écoute de ses patients, le Dr Alain Cyr…

Pascale Gagnon-Marceau – Hygienist – Delicate

The clinic is honored to work with a dental hygienist such as Pascale…

Annie Lévesque – Dental assistant – Attentive

Working in a strategic position for the proper running of our clinic…