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Cutting-edge technologies

At the Alain Cyr Clinic, we constantly innovate to give you the best treatments possible. With pleasure and pride, we invest in ongoing training in order to remain at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, use our tools with the greatest care, and to optimize our procedures so that your dental experience will be exceptional. Indeed, on this page, you’ll find some of the technologies we use to facilitate dental treatments, promote healing, improve comfort and to better prevent certain diseases. Today, new technologies help us to give you the best service for your smile.

PRF technology

We’re happy to be able to provide our patients with cutting-edge technology with regard to healing. For most dental surgeries, a blood sample is taken and put into a centrifuge in order to get a clot of fibrin rich in platelets. This clot is called Platelet-rich Fibrin or “PRF,” and will gradually and constantly release growth factors. The expected objective of this clot is to accelerate scarification of the mucous membrane and of bone.

Many international publications are available showing the effectiveness of PRF in oral surgery (implants, bone grafts, periodontal surgery, extractions, etc.) as well as in orthopedic, aesthetic and dermatological surgery. Today, PRF is present and recognized all over the world.


Unfortunately, oral cancer is often detected at a very advanced stage. At your complete examination, using Velscope, a device the localized any form of anomalies, Dr. Cyr and his team will proceed with detecting any potential oral cancers. In case of doubt, you’ll be referred to a specialist for more in-depth analyses. Detecting oral cancer may save your life!


Waterlase is the ideal laser used by multidisciplinary dentists who carry out a wide range of procedures. It is used for disinfection during root canal treatments, during aesthetic surgeries or when treating gum diseases. This innovative technology is much appreciated by patients because the risk of post-operation complications is virtually non-existent and healing takes place very quickly.


Sterilization cannot be neglected in a dental office, and at the Alain Cyr Clinic, our professionals take it one step further. Dr. Cyr was one of the first dentists in Quebec to use the Stericode, a type of software that tracks the instruments and materials used for his patients. Dental materials have an expiration date, just like the sterilization of instruments. Without this procedure, the integrity of sterilization would be put to doubt, and we couldn’t certainly confirm the sterility of our devices. Fortunately, Dr. Cyr uses all the means available to ensure security and peace of mind during your dental treatments.