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Oral cancer

The VelScope technology is a platform that helps to visualize oral anomalies using blue fluorescent light. A variation of the color indicates the presence of cancerous or precancerous tumors. When in doubt, a biopsy will be performed to confirm the diagnosis.

Velscope and oral cancer

We mainly use VelScope to detect oral cancer in its early stage. Given that science has proven over the years that the survival rate is much higher with patients treated early, we find that VelScope is a much-needed tool in our clinic. The patient feels no discomfort during the examination and this technology is risk-free.

In short, VelScope is very useful to complete a conventional oral exam, thus helping to better detect anomalies that may appear in the oral mucous membrane, which are generally invisible to the naked eye.

Since your health is important to us, the Alain Cyr Clinic is happy to offer you a complete oral exam that may help to save your life!