Orthodontic devices

For children ages 7 through 12, orthodontic devices are used to intercept dental misalignments. These devices help to direct growth in the mouth in order to prevent more costly, longer treatments and even surgery procedures in the jaw. Several types of devices exist for various dental issues.


For major tooth misalignment issues, we have to use conventional braces. However, at the Alain Cyr Clinic, you can opt for metal or even porcelain retainers. We’ve made sure to choose retainers that are the easiest to maintain with the smallest diameters in order to optimize the comfort of your braces and to promote quick treatment.


This is the invisible orthodontic technology. Indeed, Invisalign is a concept involving clear shells that are made to order. Using software, the shells are carefully molded in order to reshape your tooth structure. The number of shells is determined depending on the movement that needs to be made. The success of this treatment depends on you wearing the shells, except for during meals, when they can be removed. For quick, effective results, the shells should be changed every two weeks.